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How Old is Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina CarpenterWiki/Quick View
Date of Birth May 11 1999
Career Actress, Singer,
Sabrina Carpenter Age 23 years old
How old is Sabrina Carpenter in days 8606 days
Zodiac Sign scorpio
Birthplace Lehigh Valley
Height 4ft 9in (1.52 metres)
Weight 101 lbs (46 Kg)
Net worth $4 Million
Social networks

The entertainment industry is very popular in today’s world because of the impactful messages that they carve in the hearts of people. This entertainment includes dance, acting, and especially singing & one of the most famous names of this singing & the acting world is Sabrina Carpenter. Do you know who Sabrina Carpenter is? Have a look at the below segments & know everything about Sabrina Carpenter in detail. The below segments will take you on a ride deep into the personal & professional life of Sabrina without making you feel bored at all.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter?

Sabrina Carpenter is a very popular & well-known actress and singer who started gaining commendable recognition with the TV series ‘The Goodwin Games’. This is when Sabrina started moving ahead and never looked back. She bagged many amazing roles after these series and her acting career took off to a great height like never before.

Eventually, she also decided to enter the singing career and try her luck there & because of her commendable singing skills, she also came to be known as one of the best singers in the American singing industry. She also became the voice actress of Princess Vivian in the years 2013 to 2018. This Disney series was called ‘Sofia: The First’.

About Sabrina Carpenter

Just as discussed above, Sabrina started her acting as well as a singing career with a bang and never looked back on her success. However, going deep into the personal life of Sabrina is also something that we can cover in this segment. Sabrina Carpenter was born on 11 May 1999 & is active in the entertainment industry from the year 2011 till now.

Sabrina Carpenter is the youngest among the whole family whose parents are Elizabeth & David Carpenter. She has a total of 3 older sisters named Shanna, Cayla (half-sister), and Sarah. She started posting her singing videos at a very young age on YouTube & soon became the singing sensation of the world, merely at the age of 10 years.



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Sabrina Carpenter has always been in the news because of her remarkable roles and talent. However, another important thing that has not let Sabrina lose her spotlight is her personal life. Sabrina dated Bradley Steven Perry for 4 months from May-August of 2015. This has been an official relationship since May but no reports about the previous time are received.

However, after her breakup with Bradley, Sabrina was said to be in a relationship with her co star from ‘Tall Girl’ Griffin Gluck. This relationship is reported to be started in October 2019 & they were also seen together at a Halloween party in the year 2020.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating?

Sabrina has last been reported to date Griffin Gluck in the year 2020. But, since then no reports about the current status of their relationship is known as Sabrina has deleted a few couple pictures with Griffin from her Instagram account. So, we can say that currently, Sabrina Carpenter is single as per the reports.

Where does Sabrina Carpenter live?

Currently, Sabrina Carpenter lives with her mother & sisters in Los Angeles. Because of the singing concerts organized at the time of her school ceremony, Sabrina missed her high school graduation ceremony & is surely not at all happy about it. However, living with her family surely gives some happiness & pleasure.

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