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How Old is Dolly Parton

Dolly PartonWiki/Quick View
Date of Birth January 19 1946
Career Singer, Social Media Influencer, Songwriter,
Dolly Parton Age 76 years old
How old is Dolly Parton in days 28076 days
Zodiac Sign
Birthplace Pittman Center, Tennessee, United States
Height 5’0″ (152cm)
Weight 105 pounds (48kg)
Net worth $300-350 millio
Social networks

Who is Dolly Parton?

Dolly Rebecca Parton is one of the most popular and widespread songwriters and singers of America. Along with being a singer, she is also an amazing actor, businesswoman, and industrialist. She was born on 19 January 1946. According to that, she is currently 75 years old.

Dolly Parton lived in Tennessee, U.S right from her birth till the start of her educational life. Due to the amazing quality of her music, Dolly has not only become popular worldwide but has also earned gold, multi-platinum, and platinum awards for singing. Her albums have always been the topmost among all the other American songs and this makes her lead by an incredible margin.


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Dolly Parton Husband

Dolly Parton married Carl Thomas Dean in 1966. Since then, they have been so much in love with each other. Carl Dean is a businessman by profession and supports his wife in her singing career right from the beginning. He has also been one of her biggest fans right from the start and this makes her much more proud as a wife and as an artist. Dolly loves her husband a lot too and appreciates him to the fullest.

Dolly Parton always expresses her love for her husband openly in her interviews and mentions that every girl should get a partner like Carl for herself like she has. Both Dolly & Carl have never missed any chance to appreciate each other and tell the world that they both are the biggest fans of each other.

Dolly Parton Siblings

Dolly Parton has not been the only child of her parents and has grown up with 4 brothers and 4 sisters. Also, she has 1 half-sister who is from her father and his previous wife. The names of her siblings are:

  • Stella Parton
  • Willadeene Parton
  • Frieda Estelle Parton
  • Cassie Nan Parton
  • Coy Denver Parton
  • Larry Gerald Parton
  • Robert Lee Parton Jr.
  • David Wilburn Parton
  • Floyd Parton
  • Rachel Dennison

Why does Dolly Parton wear Gloves?

Dolly Parton started wearing gloves for the first time in the year 2010. Many people have asked a lot of things about her gloves and all of them have received only one answer to this. The answer is ‘she doesn’t like to show off her elbows as she doesn’t like them too much. Her co-workers and friends have quoted that it’s a very woman thing and every woman after the age of 70 suffers from not liking their bodies to some extent.

Even though a lot of people disagree with this answer, this is the only thing that we know about her gloves-wearing habit. Apart from this, she has also confessed to having made some tattoos on her body to hide the scars caused to her by keloid scar tissue.

How Much is Dolly Parton Worth?

The net worth of Dolly Parton is around $300-350 million as per the estimation. She is a very amazing businesswoman and industrialist who manages her singing and business career so well. Both her singing and business caliber are recognized all over the world as very beautiful and this has helped her reach new heights of success and achievements with each passing day. As a whole, Dolly Parton is a wholehearted person who manages a lot of things together and does it very beautifully by her caliber and with the help of the love & support of her husband.